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hackerSlash ICT Olympiad

Narsingdi 2022
Date: 26 November, 2022
Price Giving Ceremony: 7th January, 2023
Venue: Zilla Shilpakala Academy, Narsingdi
Sponsored by: PRAN RFL Group

Why hackerSlash

We are currently living in the age of the digital revolution, where cybersecurity has become an essential aspect of our daily lives. With the increasing use of technology in our daily routines, cybersecurity has become a crucial factor in safeguarding our personal and professional data.

In response to this need, numerous research centers have been established worldwide, where thousands of young cybersecurity experts are researching the latest technologies. However, in Bangladesh, many researchers are unable to conduct their research effectively due to the lack of adequate resources and facilities, resulting in missed opportunities.

The primary objective of the hackerSlash is to unite the various cybersecurity research centers and teams in our country under one platform to further enhance their research efforts. The foundation is committed to building a secure digital Bangladesh and providing the necessary facilities for these research centers and teams to thrive.

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Training Resources

Classroom-based training during weekdays and weekends. The training location will be Dhaka (Bangladesh).
Online live
Interactive online training with Instructor. Multiple slots a day makes it possible to run a variety of training.
OnDemand self-paced training is flexible to suit your schedule. Including boundless revision.
Instructor at client place with outright classroom setup. Perfect for corporate, colleges and universities.

Choose your cybersecurity path.

Strengthen your cybersecurity career
with our real-world challenges training program.

Opportunity in hackerSlash

Cybersecurity consultant
Network Security Monitoring
Banking Security
Cloud security
Advanced Threat Protetion

Unique Approach to Cyber Security

Our extensive courses which are taught by industry expert and are guaranteed to provide you with the most extensive practical hands-on training and learning experience.
network pentesting
Network Pentesting
Web Pentesting
Offensive Hacking
Cloud Security
Security Monitoring and Analysis

Director & CEO

M R Farabee
Director & CEO, hackerSlash
Cybersecurity and ethical hacking are becoming increasingly crucial in today's digital world. With the rise of technology, there is a greater risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Ethical hacking, on the other hand, involves using hacking techniques to identify vulnerabilities in a system to help prevent malicious attacks.

There are several companies specializing in cybersecurity and ethical hacking, and their services are in high demand across various industries. The use of this technology can bring about significant changes in our lives, providing greater security, protecting personal information, and preventing cyber threats.

hackerSlash aims to provide a platform for technology researchers and industry professionals to come together and promote the positive impact of cybersecurity and ethical hacking on economic growth. hackerSlash also aims to alleviate concerns surrounding technology and to promote a safe and secure digital environment.

We welcome young, talented, and dedicated individuals who have a passion for cybersecurity and ethical hacking to join us in creating a strong technology research community in Bangladesh. Together, we can help make Bangladesh self-sufficient in technology and promote a safer and more secure digital future.