SOC | Security Operations Center Training


As the security landscape is expanding, a SOC team offers high-quality IT-security services for active detection of potential cyber threats/attacks and quickly respond to security incidents.
Every enterprise needs skilled SOC Engineer/Security Engineer/Security Analyst who can serve as the front-line defenders/Blue Team members, warning other professionals of present and emerging cyber threats.


In this course, your learning will start from the basics of networking where you will get to know about the working of devices, ports, protocols, and services so that you can easily analyze the SIEM logs and can efficiently form policies in order to block malicious attempts directed towards your infrastructure network. After that you will get to learn about the Application layer, its functioning, protocols and services, attacks directed towards it, how can you monitor and analyze the events as True positive and false positive, Signature and policy creation, to block those attacks, flagging of events and much more.

The learning will be based on real-world cyber-attacks so that you can understand how investigation of attacks is done with the device and packet logs.

Experience 100% Practical

Working with the tools widely used in the industry

Professional SOC environment

After completion of this course, you will have a better understanding of SOC operations, tools used in SOC, Monitoring and Responding to attacks, Policy, and rules creation.


# Lifetime Support

# Continued CTF lab access

# Offensive Sniffing paper book

# PDF, Videos and Presentation copies

# Live one to one online support

# More than 120 domains included in SOC program

# Lifetime access to online quiz for all domains

# 15+ case studies and real-world scenarios

# Practice questions and labs before exam

# Discussion forum access for lifetime

# Free resources will be always available at a click away

# Premium industry based CTF access with Walkthroughs



Cybersecurity Analyst
Network and Security Administrators, Engineers, Network Analyst, Network Security Specialist, Network Security Operator
Blue Team
Cybersecurity Professional
Anyone who wants to become SOC analyst


Regular: 32 Days (2 hours a day + practice)
Fast track: 7 Days (8 hours a day)
Candidate will be always connected with the team member through online chats and community


Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing

Types of Hacker’s

Hacker’s Terminology

Ethics of Penetration Tester

Offensive Sniffing

What is Offensive Sniffing

Types of Sniffer

Types of Sniffing

Intrude Sniffing

Welcome into the world of sniffing

Getting Started in the air

Lab Configuration

System Requirement

Hardware Requirement

Software Requirement

Virtualization Software Requirement

Setting up the Lab

Installation process of Sniff-OS

Checking the Network Connectivity

Configuring Repository

Updating the Repository for Sniffing Script

Adding the Repository for Sniffing Script

Getting started with Sniffing

Introduction to Wireshark

Introduction to Tshark

Installation process of Wireshark and Tshark

Wireshark GUI Interface

Playing with Tshark

Sniff everybody traffic

Monitoring all nodes traffic

Enabling promis

Packet Analysis

Exporting packets in. PCAP

Tshark command modes

Detailed packet analysis

Packet analysis using PDML, PSML and JSON

Packet Analysis using Browser

Packet analysis using Browser

Packet Filtering

Capturing packet with help of Wireshark

Filtering the packet with the help of Wireshark

Filtering the packet with the help of Tshark

Web Traffic Analysis

Web traffic analysis

Tshark Multiple File Technique

Creating multiple file for capture

SSL Traffic Analysis and SSL traffic decryption

HTTP and HTTPS basics


SSL in Networking

SSL Cryptography

SSL traffic analysis using Wireshark

SSL traffic decryption using Tshark

Malicious Sniffing

Introduction to Malicious sniffing

Malicious User

Malicious sniffing using Ettercap


WLAN Traffic

Wireless Terminology

Sniffing in the air

Finding all nearby roaming devices (Wireless Clients)

Enumerating Wireless Clients associated with BSSID

WLAN Traffic Packet Analysis

WLAN packets Filtering options

WLAN conversation endpoints

WLAN packets inspection using conversation end points

WLAN, IP, TCP, UDP and BSSID conversation analysis

Web Application Attack and Analysis

OWASP Top 10


Broken Authenticatio

Sensitive Data Exposur

XML External Entities (XEE)

Broken Access Control

Security Misconfiguratio

Cross Site Scripting

Insecure Deserialization

Using Components with Known Vulnerabilit

Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

Wireless Attacks and Analysis

Brief Introduction to Wireless Network

Wireless Attacks Terminology

Wireless Protocols

Wireless Architecture

Broken Access Control

WEP Architecture

WEP Cracking

WPA/WPA2 Architecture

WPA Cracking

WPA2 Cracking


Security Incidents and Incident Response

Malware Incidents

Cloud Incidents and Incident Response

Email Incident and Incident Response

Wireless Architecture

Web App Incident and Incident Response

Network Incident and Incident Response

IOT Incident and Incident Response

Splunk in SOC Operation

Predict and Prevent problem with Monitoring

Security Stack with Splunk


Detect, Investigate and diagnose problem

Business Analytics

Common Information Models

Zero Day Attack

Brief Introduction to Zero Day

Writing Zero Day Attack


Zero Day Attack Test in Controlled Manner (Education purpose only)

Ransomware Incident and Incident Response

Brief Introduction to Ransomware

Ransomware Labs Setup

Ransomware Test in Controlled Manner (Education purpose only)

Web Application Firewall

Brief Introduction to Firewall

Understanding Firewall Rules

Firewall Configuration

Writing Firewall Rules

Bypassing Technique


Brief Introduction to IDS/IPS

IDS/IPS Lab Setup

Configuring IDS and IPS

Bypassing Technique


Brief Introduction to Honeypots

Honey Pot Lab Setup

Create Fake Advertisement using Honeypot

Honeypot Attacks

DNS Attack and Analysis

Brief Introduction to DNS

DNS Attacks

DNS Configuration

DNS Zone Files



SIEM Architecture and Deployment

Logs and Events

Threat Intelligence

Incident Handling and Incident Management

Proactive Approach for Enterprise Network

Malicious Traffic Analysis

Memory Analysis

Cyber Kill Chain


Threat Hunting Model

Brief Introduction to VOIP

VOIP Architecture

VOIP Traffic Analysis

Binary Code Analysis

Reverse Engineering & Analysis


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