Professional Bug Bounty Specialist


Offensive Bug Bounty Hunting Program


Professional Bug Bounty Specialist Certification will help you in finding the security bugs or vulnerabilities in the Web Application.

In this course, we will be performing red team activity on web applications to identify the vulnerability, and the same will be responsibly reported to the security team of respective organizations to get big rewards.

Bug Bounty Expert is a tailored course that helps you recognize the security bugs or vulnerabilities in the web application. A bug-bounty program is a contract offered by various websites, such as Twitter, Yahoo, Uber, Coinbase, which are inviting researchers to assist and mitigate zero-day attacks or other possible security flaws, along with rewarding $100, $1,000, and even $10,000 per bug. This kind of bounty program addresses questions like How do you turn into a good bug hunter? This will help to make you go from zero to thousands of dollars on Hacker One or other bug hunting sites. This course will assist you in learning how to find bugs step by step (LIVE) in the

CORS Exploitation
AWS Cloud Web Application Penetration Testing
Cryptographic Attack
Web Sockets
Insecure Third-Party Domains Access
API Penetration Testing
Session Variable Overloading
ALL Injection (SQL, XXE, HTML, LDAP, OS-Command, etc)
Host Header Injection
URL Redirection
Parameter Tampering
File Inclusion

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- Security Professional

- Developer

- Ethical Hacker

- Penetration Tester

- Security Analyst

- Anybody who likes to hunt the bug

❖ System Requirement (OPTIONAL)

• CPU: 64-bit Intel i5/i7 with 4th
generation + (2.0 GHz)
• 8 GB of RAM or higher
• 300 GB free space
• Administrator Access
• Wi-Fi 802.11 capability
• Windows 10 Pro, Linux or macOS
(Latest updated)
System Requirement is  OPTIONAL

All other software and configuration
the requirement will be provided and guided.

❖ Duration
• 100 hours

❖ Pricing
#- $500 USD for International Students
#- $100 USD or 8400 Taka for Bangladeshi Students

Discountable price is for Bangladeshi students 
5500 Taka only for early admission.
মুলত এটি আমাদের এমপ্লয়ি নেওয়ার জন্য রিলিজ করা কোর্স। আমাদের সকল কোর্স শুধু মাত্র আমাদের এমপ্লয়ি দরকার হলেই রিলিজ করি, নতুবা আমরা শুধুমাত্র কোর্স করাই না। কোর্স শেষে যারা বেস্ট করতে পারবে তাদের জন্য রয়েছে আমাদের থেকে জব অফার। ফুল টাইম এবং পার্ট টাইম দুই ধরনের এমপ্লয়ি হায়ার করছি আমরা।

Contact for Admission

Payment Method-
# Personal bKash - 01700865910
# PayPal-  Ask me for the PayPal payment link.
If you want to pay with a card or other method, feel free to call our number.

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