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Beginner to Advanced Drone H*cking & Security

Why take this course?

Becoming Drone security certified means understanding the key security concepts affecting drones and Counter-Drones, being able to minimize risk when operating a drone program and having a clear understanding of future security applications within the industry. This course has been designed to navigate individuals into the drone security industry, make key decisions within drone, physical and critical infrastructure environments and uplift existing security professionals in the area.

Upon finishing this course, we are confident that you will be equipped with the necessary information to kick-start a career in the drone security industry or uplift your current operations security posture.

Becoming Drone security certified means understanding the key legal requirements affecting drones, Counter-Drone, and UTM systems, being able to minimize risk when operating a drone program and having a clear understanding of business requirements in order to operate within the boundaries of the law.

The course details the various legal requirements that those operating a drone program or protecting environments should consider before purchasing or implementing the technology. Anyone finishing this course will have a clear understanding of the global and national legal requirements for this industry.

Becoming Drone security certified means understanding the key attack and defense methodologies when approaching the drone industry. Practical and in-depth, this module focuses on security professionals being able to make tactical and strategic decisions both in the field and from an operations center.

Anyone finishing this course will be able to successfully navigate a drone security program for their organization and perform security testing on the drone, Counter-Drone, and UTM systems.

What will I walk away with?

Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of:

> Drones, Counter-Drone, and UTM Systems
> Current and future threat vectors and risk surface
> Various case studies, methodologies, and threat modeling techniques
> Problems, Case Studies, and Precedents within the Industry
> Current and future regulatory requirements and considerations
> Security Risks and Attack Vectors within the Drone Industry
> Cyber, Physical and Kinetic Security Vectors
> Responding to, Simulating and Preparing for Intrusions

Participants will receive a comprehensive course on understanding the basic laws and regulations that face organizations utilizing drones for business and those looking to protect their assets against malicious drones.

Students will walk away knowing the laws that govern drones, counter-UAS systems, and the storage and transmission of data within drones. Playbooks detailing our unique methodology will be provided to help make better decisions within organizations regarding drone and Counter-Drone operations.

Participants will get an in-depth practical understanding of the various digital concepts that apply to drone technologies.

Students will be able to perform basic penetration tests, forensics, and undertake incident response activities for a variety of drone types. Finally, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the various technologies that exist for detecting and defeating malicious drones, and the strategies operators take to avoid detection and take-downs.

Students will walk away with the basic playbooks required to assess the effectiveness of their Counter-Drone controls and protect their assets and environments from rogue intruders.

What level of experience is required?

We start from zero (0). We've had 16 years old's take the course in anticipation of working as a Counter-UAS operator one day. Some of the advanced modules will challenge you towards the end.

Participants with a security background will pick up the topics much quicker.

Who is this course for?

Drone Security combines cyber, aviation, and physical security. You may be a student, consultant, penetration tester, security guard, counter-drone vendor, or law enforcement, officer.

H*ckers who want to better protect clients (drone manufacturers, counter-drone vendors, UTM/UAM) against misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

Counter-Drone vendors or operators who want to conduct threat intelligence, forecast emerging threats, or red team simulations against their technology.

Law Enforcement and Government who want to understand, explain and baseline drone smuggling, narcotics, or payloads with threat modeling.

Students who one day want to work in the physical, digital, or aviation security sectors. This includes software development, analytics, intelligence, perimeter security, or drone operators.

Who is this course not for?

Generally, this course is specific to those wanting to break into or already a part of the security industry. However, it's been used by software developers, drone pilots, non-technical security guards, and investors to understand the area, add a certification to their belt, or secure their organization.

This is not a 101 introduction to generic h*cking, forensics, physical security, or building drones - rather a combination to understand drone security. We will reference alternative 3rd parties, courses, and tools.


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