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Create your own Hacking Tools

 Offensive Python Scripter (SlashOPS) is an expert-level certification that focuses on how to automate penetration testing using scripting knowledge.  Offensive Scripting with python covers 20 modules, including advanced tools, writing own script to exploit Network, Cloud, Web, Container, and many more.

SlashOPS focuses on the following key domains.
Automate Network Penetration
Advanced vulnerability assessment
Automate Server Exploitation
Automate Container Technology
Penetration Testing

Crafting series of attack using bash

and python
Automate Web Application
Penetration Testing
Automate cloud penetration testing

Who is this course for?
SOPS can help to write a custom exploit
according to the situation and have the
ability to automate 100s of penetration
testing modules.
One who is interested in creating
custom payloads and sniffers
Network Penetration Tester
System Administrators
Web Application Pentesters
Bug Bounty Hunters
Anyone who loves to automate
the technology

Although we start SOPS from scratch, we
still recommend having a basic
understanding of network and web
penetration testing and OS concepts.

System Requirement
CPU: 64-bit Intel i5/i7 with 4th
generation + (2.0 GHz)
8 GB of RAM or higher
300 GB free space
Administrator Access
Windows 10 Pro, Linux or macOS
(Latest updated)

Course Syllabus

Module 1- Introduction to Python and automate Everything
Module 2- Python Basic
Module 3- Python Flow Control
Module 4- Python Functions
Module 5- Python List
Module 6- Dictionaries and Structuring Data
Module 7- Manipulating strings
Module 8- Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions
Module 9- Python scripting for Linux automation
Module 10- Python Program for Identity checking and learning Python input function
Module 11- Reading and Writing the files
Module 12- Organizing Files
Module 13- Debugging and Web Scraping
Module 14- Working with Excel Spreadsheet using Python
Module 15- Working with pdf and Word-document using Python
Module 16- Automate mail, sending mail and Text Message
Module 17- Keeping Time, Scheduling Task, and Launching Program
Module 18- Using Python Manipulating Images
Module 19- Controlling Keyboard and Mouse using GUI Automation
Module 20- Usage of Python Awesome Library called import subprocess
Module 21- Automate Network Penetration Testing

Module 22- Automate Cloud Penetration Testing

Module 23- Virtualization and Hypervisor Security

Module 24- Hybrid Cloud Data Storage Security
Module 25- Interacting with Web App and Assessment
Module 26- Mapping Web Functionalities
Module 27- Crawling & Resource Discovery
Module 28- Brute Forcing and Dictionary Attack
Module 29- Create our proxies for Intercepting & Assessment
Module 30- Software-Defined Networking with python for Cloud
Module 31- Crafting series of attack for Vulnerability Assessment
Module 32- Assessing Docker Technology
Module 33- Fuzzing with Python
Module 34- Writing our Sniffer for Monitoring
Module 35- Crafting series of Attack for Server Exploitation

Create your own hacking tools using Python script. 


•  $150 USD

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