CTF Training in hackerSlash is a global certification that is valid in more than 160 countries. We have a pool of professional certified ethical hackers who are working as security analysts in different organizations. CTF Certification in hackerSlash from the ICSS provides the gateway to enter the cybersecurity domain. MNCs have made CTF certification compulsory for security-related jobs. Get the CTF Certification course in hackerSlash from the Best CTF Training Institute.




What is CTF?

Capture the Flag is an information security competition that is an amalgamation of various challenges that applies concepts like Reverse engineering, Web Applications, Binary, Network, Cryptography, Forensics, etc. Each challenge holds a certain number of points based on its difficulty level. The idea behind these CTFs is to provide an individual practical knowledge of the different kinds of attacks and issues in the real world. For aspiring white hats, CTF challenges are a good thanks to learning hacking techniques, strengthen your problem-solving skills, and gain critical hands-on practice. CTF competitions deal with the correct level of pressure to stay things interesting while helping you to sharpen your skills. For the pros, CTF competitions facilitate your assess your skill level, challenge yourself among peers, and perhaps even earn some bragging rights.




Prerequisites for CTF Course

Prior to opting for this course, the candidate should be aware of advanced ethical hacking techniques, networking services, OWASP top 10, Linux /Windows basic and major commands, the Unix File System and the working of the Content Management System. 




Course Syllabus  

Module 1: Introduction To CTF 

  • Introduction to CTF and its importance in cyber world
  • Introduction to Cyber Range
  • Difference between CTF and Cyber Range
  • CTF Course overview
  • Types of CTF challenges platform
  • Famous Channel Of CTF


Module 2: Linux for Pen tester 

  • Basics of Linux service
  • Linux foremost commands
  • Linux filesystems
  • Linux Utility
  • Installing & configuration of systems packages
  • Deleting & removing systems
  • package
  • Reading Logs


Module 3: Windows for Pen tester 

  • Basics of Windows services &
  • Registry
  • Windows foremost commands
  • Windows filesystems
  • Windows Utility
  • Working of dll, Python & C-programs
  • Installing & configuration of systems packages
  • Deleting & removing systems package
  • Reading event Logs


Module 4: Kali Linux 

  • Introduction to toolbox
  • Installing & configuring services
  • Installing & configuring Kali tools
  • Basic to Advanced Pen testing Commands
  • Brute force Attack
  • Hands-on Practice on

    I. Nmap

    II. Metasploit


    IV. Burp Suite

    V. Wireshark | TCPDUMP

    VI. Nikto

    VII. Curl

    VIII. Netcat

    IX. wpscan

    X. John the ripper


Module 5: Scanning Port & Service in Comprehensive Mode 

  • TCP Connect Scan with Wireshark
  • Network Sweeping with Wireshark
  • SYN Scan with Wireshark
  • UDP Scan with Wireshark
  • FIN Scan with Wireshark
  • Null Scan with Wireshark
  • OS Discovery with Wireshark
  • NSE Scripts with Wireshark
  • Nmap Firewall Scan


Module 6: The enumeration in Comprehensive Mode 

  • Overview
  • DNS Enumeration
  • NetBIOS & SMB Enumeration
  • Enum4Linux
  • SMB NSE Scripts
  • MSQL Enumeration
  • MSSQL Enumeration
  • SMTP Enumeration
  • VRFY Script
  • Python Port
  • SNMP Enumeration
  • SNMP MiB
  • SNMP Walk


Module 7: Web-Based Attack 

  • SQL Injection
  • LFI & RFI
  • Remote code | command Execution
  • Authentication Bypass
  • Directory Brute Forcing


Module 8: Manual and Automated Vulnerability Scanning 

  • Nmap
  • Google Hacking
  • Searchploit
  • Exploit DB
  • Nessus
  • Powershell Script


Module 9: SE-Toolkit 

  • SE-Toolkit Usages
  • Exploit With SE-Toolkit


Module 10: Reverse Shell 

  • Php reverse shell
  • Python reverse shell
  • Perl reverse shell
  • Bash reverse shell
  • Msfvenom shell


Module 11: Vulnerability Exploitation 

  • Adding Exploit in Metasploit framework
  • Manual Exploitation
  • Using Python script
  • Unicorn
  • Buffer Overflow


Module 12: Introduction to Overflows 

  • Overview
  • Vulnerable Code
  • Stack Overflow


Module 13: Windows Buffer Overflow 

  • Overview
  • Fuzzing
  • Crash Replication
  • Controlling EIP
  • Introducing Shellcode
  • Bad Characters
  • Redirecting Execution
  • Introducing Mona
  • Shellcode Payload


Module 14: Linux Buffer Overflow 

  • Overview
  • Controlling EIP
  • Locating Space
  • First Stage Shellcode
  • Locating RET
  • Generating Shellcode


Module 15: Netcat- swiss-knife in Comprehensive Mode 

  • Getting start with NC
  • Connecting to a Server
  • Fetching HTTP header
  • Chatting
  • Creating a Backdoor
  • Verbose Mode
  • Save Output to Disk
  • Port Scanning
  • TCP Delay Scan
  • UDP Scan
  • Reverse TCP Shell Exploitation
  • Randomize Port
  • File Transfer
  • Reverse Netcat Shell Exploitation
  • Banner grabbing


Module 16: Tunneling  

  • Overview
  • Port Forwarding
  • SSH Tunnels
  • Dynamic Proxies
  • Proxy Chains


Module 19: File Transfers 

  • FTP
  • Python HTTP Server
  • php http server
  • HFS Tool
  • Netcat
  • CURL
  • Wget
  • TFTP
  • Python SMB Server
  • Powershell File Transfer
  • Bitsadmin


Module 20: Exploiting Container| CI | CMS 

  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • LXC
  • WordPress
  • Drupal | Joomla


Module 21: Linux Privilege Escalation 

  • Writable Script
  • Crontab
  • Kernel
  • Path Variable
  • Automated Script


Module 22: Windows Privilege Escalation 

  • Kernel
  • Bypass UAC
  • Unquoted Path
  • Scheduled Task
  • Automated Scrip


Module 23: Capture the Flag Challenges 

  • Level -1: Easy
  • Level-2: Medium
  • Level-3: Intermediate
  • Level-4: Hard


Module 24: Design CTF Platform

  • Designing Jeopardy CTF Challenges
  • Designing Attack & defense Challenge

    a. CTF Classification

    b. Cryptography

    c. Steganography

    d. Encoding

    e. Binary

    f. Pwn

    g. Web

    h. Network

  • Designing Penetration Testing framework (PTF)




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