hackerSlash is offering you a once in a lifetime Kali Linux Bootcamp Training. It will be a 7 days training. Do take the training to learn and build a career in cyber security. 

hackerSlash has planned a total Kali Linux Bootcamp Training that will be instructed by the specialists of Hackers. There are not many organizations in India that give total involved practice on Kali Linux yet we are pleased to declare that after the finish of our course, you would have the option to get commonsense openness. We additionally give you the ventures that must be put together by the understudies to acquire the live openness on Ethical hacking training using Kali Linux.




# Basic computer knowledge



Course Syllabus

Section 1.

    Basic of Linux
    Introduction to Linux Commands
    Connecting with the community

Section 2.

    Root user in Kali
    Linux Desktop Environment
    Latest Kali updates
    Kali using pre-built virtual machine
    Installing Kali Linux from scratch
    Kali GUI Differences
    Introduction to Kali Linux Terminal
    Preparing your first shell
    Kali Linux Terminal Shortcuts
    Kali Linux Root, Root & Root
    Basic of Kali Linux Commands
    Navigating Directories
    Creating Directories and Files
    Listing Directory contents

Section 3.

    Listing files content
    Copying & moving files directory.
    Removing files & directory
    Adding / Removing software and updates
    Adding FTP Servers to windows
    Trouble shooting installation
    APT changes in Kali Linux 2018
    Archiving files and directories
    Using wild cards to speed up tasks.
    Using the help command.

Section 4.

    Networking basics on Kali Linux
    How edit files in nano
    Turning your Kali Linux into web shell
    Configuration files changes in Kali Linux
    Turning your Kali Linux in an SSH
    Troubleshooting SSH Access

Section 5.

    Managing users and Groups
    Users Permission privileges
    Process Integration and Understanding
    Managing Processes
    Command redirection and controlling
    Multiple commands chaining

Section 6.

    Setting up your target
    Port scanning with Kali Linux
    Hacking with Kali Linux – FTP Hacking
    Operating Nessus through Kali
    Installing Nessus on Kali
    Vulnerabilities Scanning with Kali Linux
    Hacking with Kali Linux – SSH Hacking
    Hacking with Kali Linux – Web Services
    Hacking with Kali Linux – Database Hacking
    Hacking with Kali Linux – Password Cracking
    Hacking with Kali Linux – Sniffing Passwords
    Hacking with Kali Linux – Privilege Escalation

Section 7.

    Establishing Armitage connection
    Auto hacking with Armitage (Part 1)
    Auto hacking with Armitage (Part 2)
    Understanding Web shells
    Understanding Bind Shells
    Understanding Reverse Shells
    Creating Metasploit Backdoor
    Creating interactive shell
    Creating the hackers web hells

Section 8.

    Port scanning with Kali
    Finding Vulnerability using scanning tools
    introduction to Nmap
    Lets’ Hack into
    Getting an interactive shell
    Changing SSH Configuration
    Getting SSH access
    Cracking users password
    Attacking database authentication
    Stealing credit card information

Section 9.

    Conclusion & Recapitulation
    Exam Time
    Certification and Convocation


1 Months


# 5,000 Taka for Bangladeshi Students

# $100 Dollars for International Students



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