Bug Bounty Expert

Offensive Bug Bounty Hunting Program with 80+ modules


Bug Bounty Expert Certification will help you in finding the security bugs or vulnerability in the Web Application.
In this course, we will be performing red team activity on web applications to identify the vulnerability, and the same will be responsibly reported to the security team of respective organizations to get big rewards.

Why hackerSlash?

We are using Burpsuite Professional (Hacker’s Weapon) to identify bugs in Web Applications. Other than Burp, we will also use automated script and other 13+ Offensive Web Application black hat tools.

We are covering 80+ Vulnerability, including OWASP TOP 10, and SANS Top 25.

Web App Penetration testing fulfill industry best practice and validate implementation. Candidates will get a realistic scenario and hand-on experience and exploiting the modern web application components.
In this Course Bug Bounty, we are covering 80 + modules, advanced tools, writing own script using python and bash to exploit web applications, and many more to master you in all domains of web applications.


• Basic Cybersecurity Fundamentals

• knowledge of computer networks, firewall, security architecture

• Knowledge of web technology

System Requirement

• CPU: 64-bit Intel i5/i7 with 4th generation + (2.0 GHz)

• 8 GB of RAM or higher

• 300 GB free space

• Administrator Access

• Wi-Fi 802.11 capability

• Windows 10 Pro, Linux or macOS (Latest updated)

All other software and configuration requirement will be provided and guided.


Module 1- Brief Introduction to Bug Bounty
Module 2- Offensive Approach to Hunt Bugs
Module 3- Penetration Testing Methodologies
Module 4- SAST & DAST
Module 5- Black Hat Tools Overview
Module 6- Bug Hunting Penetration Testing Lab Setup
Module 7- hackerSlash Customize Virtual Machine for Bug Hunting
Module 8- OWASP Top-10
Module 9- SANS Top-25
Module 10- XSS Bug Hunting on any Application
Module 11- SQL Injection on any Application
Module 12- Payload Creation and Technique (Design your own Payload for attack)
Module 13- Industry best practices to hunt any Web Application
Module 14- Header Injection Attack
Module 15- CORS Exploitation
Module 16- URL Redirection Attack
Module 17- XXE Injection Attacking Technique
Module 18- LFI & RFI Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
Module 19- File Upload Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
Module 20- Command Injection Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
Module 21- Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
Module 22- Broken Authentication and Access Control
Module 23- Insecure Deserialization Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
Module 24- HTML Injection Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
Module 25- Session Handling and Management
Module 26- WAF (Web Application Firewall) bypassing
Module 27- Captcha Bypassing
Module 28- Payment Gateway Analysis
Module 29- Parameter Tempering
Module 30- Create backdoor and hunt any Web Application
Module 31- RCE Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation
Module 32 - Report


• Information Security Professional

• Forensics Investigators

• Incident Responders

• Software Developers

• Programmers

• Students

• Who wish to be a Professional Bug Hunter


• 40 hours


• Free For Selected Bangladeshi Students

• $300 USD (International Students)