Campus Ambassadors Registration Instructions

Developing relationships with prospective enthusiasts

Event Management Leadership

Community Buildup

Promotional Activities

Proper Communication

Campus Tours

Recruitment Activities

Organize workshop Activities

Understanding the BDRF’s vision, mission, goals, products and services to represent the brand’s voice and personality at various events


Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Excellent presentation and oratory skills.

Great management and leadership skills.

Solid social media presence.

Excellent persuasive and marketing skills.

Ability to generate creative marketing and promotion ideas.

Enthusiastic and ready to take challenges.

Basic Computer knowledge

Motivated to learn new things



Free Training Facilities about Robotics and Cutting edge technology

Free access on BDRF Events

Experience Certification

Internship Facility

Development of Leadership and Team Management Skills

Be the pioneer of your own institute by promoting Robotics

Grow your Networking Skills, Meet with Academia and Industry Experts
Campus Ambassadors Registration