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Cyberpsychology training in Bangladesh is what individuals are searching for to learn about how the Internet & digital technologies affect our behavior, attitudes, and the societal impacts of living in a digital age. In our cyberpsychology online course with LIVE interactive classes, you will gain important skills and knowledge. These are necessary to work in a variety of sectors that benefit from understanding the psychological impacts of living in a digitally connected world. Being the best cyberpsychology training institute in Bangladesh, the goal of the Certified Cyber Psychologist program is to learn and develop professional skills so as to understand the link between human psychology and content in cyberspace.
Cyberpsychology training will be of particular interest to students who wish to develop psychological insights into human interactions with the Internet and digital technologies and to learn to apply this knowledge in a wide variety of sectors. After undergoing the Certified Cyber Psychologist course individuals would be eligible for job opportunities as Cyberpsychology Specialist/Analyst in Govt./Pvt. Sectors can even apply for the MSC in cyberpsychology.

Cyber psychologists and other people who specialize in the study of the mind and behavior, use the field to understand how online life affects their patients. As a result this increases their understanding of how to best help their patients’ internet and computer-related psychological issues.

Studying and understanding human behavior in relation to technology is vital, as the line between cyberspace and the real world is becoming blurry. Ultimately, cyberpsychology research aims to empower us to make the Internet a safer and better place.

Cyberpsychology exists to pursue and formalize a scientific understanding of the impact, dynamic processes and outcomes that democratized digital technologies have enabled in individuals, groups and the wider society.

Cyber psychology is study of adverse effect on human mind and behavior due to its interaction with the Cyber Space, and its application in court of law for the administration of justice is called Forensic Cyber psychology.

Psychology is a vital field now because of the increasing focus on mental health and well being. Moreover, teaching and research in all these assorted fields assure a promising future for the students of psychology.

Cyberpsychology course in Bangladesh – Learn from the techno-psychology experts in the Industry

Cyberpsychology course is designed for both psychology graduates and graduates of other related disciplines, for example, media or IT. It may be of interest if you are seeking to pursue a career in Cyberpsychology or in any organization that uses any form of cyberpsychology (i.e. has a web presence) or in research or academia.
The pool of experts working in the industry of cyber security will be sharing their experience in classes. Cyberpsychology training in Bangladesh is among the top most demanded courses which focuses on the psychology of criminals in the cyber world and how an individual will be safe in the world of the web.
The Cyberpsychology course will provide you with the foundations for the next stage of your academic and professional development and will build a solid framework for a professional career in Cyberpsychology.
Participants will acquire knowledge of cyberpsychology theory and practice. They will explore the ethical, cultural, political, and legal issues arising in cyber psychological practice and research.
After that, they will be able to gain valuable real-life experience. As a cyberpsychology practitioner through a work-based learning opportunity, you will complete a research project on a cyberpsychology theme of your choice.
Skills surrounding cyberpsychology, and your work-based learning experience at hackerSlash. It will be a foundation of core employability skills like team-working and effective communication.
The cyberpsychology course aims to understand the psychological impact of Internet engagement and consider both the positive and negative aspects of being online. It will promote an in-depth understanding of how humans interact with technology and in virtual environments. Cyberpsychology training in Bangladesh is set to be the next level career in the near future as the areas of work in the field are growing.


Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Cyber Psychology
What is Cyber Psychology
How does it relate to other fields of Psychology
Section 2: Computer Games
What are computer games?
Why do people play them?
what psychological effect do they have on players?
Section 3: Social Media Use
How does behavior on Social Media related to behavior in the non-virtual world?
What attract people to use this platform
How do we study social media behavior?
Section 4: Cyber Bullying
How does Cyber Bullying differ from real-world bullying?
How do bullies, victims, and bystanders differ from one another?
Can we reduce this technology-based bullying
Section 5: Cyber Disorders
Can people be addicted to the internet?
What is it about the Internet that could be addictive
What types of content keep people at higher risk of becoming addictive too?
Section 6: Cyber Crime
What makes the internet a suitable place for criminal behavior?
Difference between cybercrime and non-virtual crime
Types of Crime occurring online
Section 7: Online Health Behaviours
Can therapy be delivered Via an Online Platform?
Are people successful in searching for health-related answers online?
Section 8: Assembling

Eligibility Criteria to be a Certified Cyber Psychologist

Any 12th pass or any Graduate from any discipline or equivalent from a recognized university. Students from Technical backgrounds can apply for this course. We provide hands-on training from industry experts. They are working professionals who are currently working in this domain. The Cyberpsychology course in Bangladesh will help you develop the industry's necessary skills. Grow your knowledge in this field through the course.


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  • $200 USD for International students
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